Episode 26 – Why the Law?

The law of God was given to Moses for the people of Israel. But the scriptures also tell us the it impacts all of the people in the world.

Why the Law? Because of sin and transgressions.
Why the Law? Because of sin and transgressions.

Not only that, we also know that Jesus sets us free from the law, but the law also remains forever.

Trying to understand how these things work together is essential and this podcast begins looking at understanding this.

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Anger is Not Sin

(Ephesians 4:26-27)

One of the great questions to be understood by Christians is what is and is not sin?

Anger is not sin
Anger is not sin

There are a multitude of things that people call sin, but are they really sin?

Today I want to look at this issue to try and nail down some aspects of what is and isn’t sin, partly because it is important that we know, and partly to help you and others stop condemning yourself over things that are not directly sin.

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Episode 25 – What is Sin?

It is well recognised among Christians that the one thing that separates man from God is sin.

Apart from the law, sin lies dead
Apart from the law, sin lies dead

But what is sin? Many people in the church have differing ideas of what constitutes sin and what is not. In some cases they are correct, but in other ways they are completely off-track.

In this podcast we examine what the Bible has to say about sin for the purpose of understanding what is and is not sin. The answer might surprise some people.

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Speak the Truth

(Ephesians 4:25)

There is one thing that people all over the world despise, whether Christians or not, and that is a liar. Everybody universally hates lies and liars because they cannot be trusted.

Speak the truth to everyone
Speak the truth to everyone

This scripture today exhorts those in Christ to turn away from falsehoods and lies and to speak the truth always with those around us.

God is a god of truth, and Jesus came to proclaim the truth of the gospel so that we may find the truth. How will that be possible if we do not always speak the truth?

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Episode 24 – Understanding the Nature of Man

Every person starts walking down Salvation Road in the same place: Walking WITHOUT Jesus.

The many faces of the Nature of Man
The many faces of the Nature of Man

We are all people of this world and we all suffer the same frailties, weaknesses, lusts, passions and desires. We walk in a constant state of sinfulness.

To fully appreciate the salvation that Christ offers us, we will first look at the things that are driving mankind to sinfulness and drive us away from Christ. All of these things will need to be dealt with as we walk in Christ and God has provided the way for this to occur.

We will cover those things later, but for now, listen to the podcast as we look at the issues that face all mankind and are part of the Nature of Man.

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Renewal in the Spirit

(Ephesians 4:22-24)

At the most basic level, Christianity is about change. We are called to change from the old manner of life driven by sin and the passions and lusts of human nature, to be changed into the image of Jesus Christ.

Gerd Altmann from Pixabay)” class=”wp-image-33649″ width=”256″ height=”181″/>
Christianity is about change and that change is about renewal in the Spirit. (Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay)

We are being called to a renewal in the Spirit so that our thoughts, our actions and our desires match those of the Lord, because our desire is to please Him and not ourselves.

Renewal in the Spirit is critical, as this scripture today points out. But the burning question is: How do we do it?

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Episode 23 – An Overview of the Salvation Road

As Christians we are called to walk with Christ. To walk suggests a path and a direction. But many Christians are unaware of what the path looks like.

Salvation Road - a structured view of the walk all Christians must take
Salvation Road – a structured view of the walk all Christians must take

Salvation Road takes a structured approach to defining a pathway from life as a sinner in this world to entering the kingdom of God, re-born into the image of Jesus Christ.

This Salvation Road process will help all Christians understand the walk we take and give a structure to this faith we hold in Jesus Christ. This episode will provide an overview of the process and the next series of podcasts.

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Where is the Truth?

(Ephesians 4:20-21)

In a world that is intent on shifting blame, covering up, hiding and denying what is right, it becomes more and more difficult to find the truth.

Where is the truth?
Where is the truth?

Too often the media are biased on important issues and report only what they, their managers, sponsors or owners want to hear and they leave out the rest. Opinions are made based on half-truths, lies and fabrications and in the tsunami of information that is the internet it is almost impossible to find out the truth about anything.

But I use the word “almost” advisedly, because there is a truth to be found that is solid and penetrating through the layers of lies built up in this world. There is a way to answer the question positively that asks: Where is the Truth?

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Living Futile Lives

(Ephesians 4:17-19)

A life without living in the presence of the Lord is a futile life.

Living futile lives
Living futile lives

Every person in this world who chooses to reject the call of God is living in futility. They do not understand that this life is not the “main game,” it is just a taste of what is possible.

But achieving the fullness of life and all of the possibilities that are to come are accessible only to those who leave the futility of this worldly life and seek God. This is the thrust of these few verses today.

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