The Armour of God – The Breastplate of Righteousness (Ep 62)

The second item of spiritual armour to wage war in the Spirit is to take the breastplate of righteousness.

The armour of God - The breastplate of Righteousness
The armour of God – The breastplate of Righteousness

The breastplate worn by a soldier protects their vital organs so that they do not suffer potentially life-threatening injuries.

So too the breastplate of righteousness will protect us from the attacks of the devil designed to destroy our faith in Christ Jesus.

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No confidence in the flesh

(Philippians 3:3-7)

If there is one thing that is pushed in the world today it is confidence. People are being told and instructed to be more confident in themselves.

Put no confidence in the flesh. It's better to believe in God.
Put no confidence in the flesh. It’s better to believe in God.

Whilst confidence is not a bad thing, when it goes beyond confidence and becomes arrogance then it as gone too far.

When people rely upon their own strength of will or power of the mind or many of the other things taught by the philosophers of the world, they miss the point. This is not what we are taught in the Bible and it was certainly not what Jesus taught.

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What is Truth? (Ep 61)

Pontius Pilate asked a very insightful question when Jesus stood before his tribunal. He asked, “What is truth?”

What is truth? The truth will make you free!
What is truth? The truth will make you free!

Today’s podcast looks at this question, in particular as it relates to the armour of God. We are told to “…gird your loins with truth…” and we will see why in this session as we look at the source of the truth, what the truth is and does, and how we are to treat the truth in our walk with Christ.

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Look Out!

(Philippians 3:2)

This verse today is a warning. We need to watch out for those around us and also to put no confidence in the flesh.

Beware of the dogs
Beware of the dogs

2 Look out for the dogs, look out for the evil-workers, look out for those who mutilate the flesh. (Philippians 3:2)

Let us look deeper into this warning to understand what it is saying and why we must beware of the groups of people to whom Paul is referring.

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The New Heavens and the New Earth (Ep 60)

When all has been completed, the final judgment has taken place, and all the prophecies of the Bible are completed then the Kingdom of God will be with men. God will destroy this old heaven and earth and create a brand new earth for His people to live into eternity.

A New Heaven and a New Earth
A New Heaven and a New Earth

This promise is written in the final chapters of the Bible, but while they are the last chapters of the Bible, they are really heralding the beginning of the new age when God makes His home with man.

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Rejoice in the Lord

(Philippians 3:1)

At this time of year, there are many Christians who will rejoice in the Lord. The birth of any child is a reason for great rejoicing and more so when the Saviour of the world was born.

Rejoice in the Lord
Rejoice in the Lord

We saw how even heaven rejoiced when the angels of God filled the air with song at His birth.

So let us consider how we can rejoice in the Lord not just at this time, but at all times and in all circumstances.

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Eternal Judgement, Resurrection and the 1,000 Year Rule and Reign of Christ (Ep 59)

After the Lord returns there will be a period of time when the devil is locked up for one thousand years. Christ will rule and reign upon the earth and the first group of people will be resurrected to reign with Him.

God's judgement on the earth
God’s judgement on the earth

This period will end with the devil being loosed and he will gather the nations in the final battle against the people of the Lord. But he will not win. He will be thrown into the lake of fire and sulfur to burn and be tormented for eternity.

Then the second resurrection, the resurrection to judgment will take place and anyone whose name is not written in the book of life will be condemned to destruction.

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Healing the Sick

(Philippians 2:25-30)

This short section of scripture is interesting because it shows us one instance where a miraculous healing did NOT occur.

Healing the sick
Healing the sick

It seems as though everyone in the early church was miraculously healed, either by the Lord or the Apostles. But this was not always the case as we see here in these verses.

In these verses Epaphroditus was healed, but it was not a miraculous, instantaneous healing as is recorded so many times in the Bible. This is something we need to think about because there are ministries today that preach divine healing and focus on these miracles, and if they do not occur, people fall into condemnation or guilt or a lack of faith. What is needed instead is an understanding of what is going on.

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The Two Flocks of Jesus Christ (Ep 58)

The Bible shows us that there are two flocks of Christians who will go into the eternal kingdom with Christ. There is the little flock and the large flock.

The two flocks of Jesus Christ
The two flocks of Jesus Christ

The bulk of the ministry of Jesus Christ and the apostles was targetted towards the little flock as it is the aim of Jesus Christ that His people become perfect, and the little flock are those who achieve perfection in this age.

Both flocks will receive salvation, but there are some distinct differences between the two flocks, and we should all aspire to be part of the little flock.

This podcast gives some insight into who the two flocks are and what we need to know and do to be part of His little flock.

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A Genuine Christian

(Philippians 2:19-24)

If we are to follow Jesus Christ there can be no half-measures. We are either in all the way or not.

A genuine love and a genuine Christian does no harm to anyone.
A genuine love and a genuine Christian does no harm to anyone.

There is no sitting on the fence in Jesus Christ. We can’t continue to live as the world does and be a part of Christ. We cannot continue to live in sin and be with Christ.

There are any number of scriptures that show this principle, this “either/or” approach and this scripture I am looking at today reinforces that fact that we must be genuine in our faith.

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