In many ways the Lord works with his people to bless and help them throughout their lives. And His help is not just seen in the big things, but many times it is in the small and seemingly insignificant things where we see God’s hand and we learn that He cares for us as unique and special individuals; as His children.

The pages here contain Christian testimonies of some of those times when the Lord’s help has been evident in the life of His children. Each testimony shows the many ways the Lord provides His blessing to His people, whether through healing, provision, help when needed, strengthening and sometimes even miraculaous intervention. Some of these are the personal testimony of the website owner while others are the testimonies as conveyed to me by others who have enjoyed the favour of God over some matters.

If you have a testimony of a time when the Lord has been with you and helped you then I would love to hear your story. If you would like to freely share your story with others too, then let me know and we will publish it on the site for the benefit and upbuilding of all.

Please also let me know if you find something here that has helped you, provided hope or given you reason to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ. Also if you have any questions then please feel free to contact me.

Personal Testimonies

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