The core of the Free Gift from God site is in the Christian teachings presented both here and in other places. Here you will find a list of links to articles and specific subject teachings

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Sowing and Reaping

Will you hear and act on the word of God?

On becoming a Christian – the Four B Process

God’s Amazing Grace

Death is earned but life is free

Set my people free

Moving Forward in Jesus Christ – Eight Steps Identified by Apostle Peter

Climate Change and Bible Prophecy

The Meaning of Life – Why Are We Here

New Testament vs. Old Testament

Love of Money in the Modern Church

The Truth Will Set You Free – A Test to Find the Truth

Is it Too Hard to be a Christian? – Five Reasons Why Not

The Worst Pollution and How to Clean It Up

Betrayal of Trust – and a Way Forward

Building Relationships

Why Choose God?

God Gives Not as the World Gives

The Value of Life Experience

God’s Healing Power

The True Power of God – The Power of Love

Nothing Changes Until Something Changes – Six Step Change Process

Kingdom of God versus Kingdom of Man

Repentance – Beginning the Journey to Christ

Faith – The Only Way to God

Do the Clothes Make the Man?

Evolution vs Creation – The Great Debate

Does God Want You To Be Rich?

If God is Good Why Do People Suffer?

The Gospel is not Good News, its Great News!

Righteousness by Faith