Jesus Could Not Be Held By Death

(Acts 2:22-24)

Jesus died at Calvary. We all know that. We also know that He was resurrected from the dead three days after He had been put to death because Jesus could not be held by death.

The empty tomb. Jesus could not be held by death
The empty tomb. Jesus could not be held by death

But why? What was the reason why He could not be held by death? And also is there a way that we can likewise find the way so that we too cannot be held by death, just like Jesus?

Well the answer to the last question is…Yes. We can find the way to be freed from the bondage to death that afflicts all of mankind. It’s funny when you consider the billions of dollars going into medical and scientific research to try and find ways to extend people’s lives, and yet the solution has already been given to us for free.

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Jesus is The Word

(John 21:24-25)

These last two verses of the book of John could easily be overlooked as just the way John closed the chapter and his gospel. But when you think about what he said in these two verses, there is still a message we can take away and learn.

The Bible is enough
The Bible is enough

It is my belief that nothing written in the bible is without a meaning and a purpose. Likewise nothing that happens in the lives of the people of God is without a plan and a purpose, even and sometimes especially the bad things that happen.

So these couple of verses also tell us something in what they say as much as in what they do not say. Let’s have a look and a think about these words for just a few minutes.

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It Is Finished

(John 19:23-30)

Jesus was nailed up to die. The last few acts that were prophesied concerning His life were completed with the soldiers casting lots for His garments and Him being given a drink of sour wine as He said, “I thirst.”

Jesus’ time had come to an end on earth and the stage was set for the commencement of Christianity and the blessings that would come. In His death he became the sacrificial lamb and His blood would become the blood of the covenant by which those who followed Him would receive freedom, joy, peace and life.

In these last moments of His life we see two remarkable things occur, and it is those we will look at today.

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Receiving Eternal Life

(John 17:1-5)

Receiving Eternal Life

It has been mankind’s wish and desire to be able to live forever since the earliest of times. In days gone by there were wild stories about seeking and trying to find the fountain of youth, which of course never existed. Receiving eternal life through such methods was and always will be a myth.

It has been the dream of fiction writers and especially sci-fi writers for many years. In fact many futuristic sci-fi stories have as background to the main plot the ability to prolong life for hundreds if not thousands of years. But it is all just fiction and receiving eternal life is only wishes, dreams and stories.

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Victory in Jesus Christ

(John 16:29-33)

Victory in Jesus Christ
War and Peace
Victory in Jesus Christ

The Lord gives us great hope and a promise that all Christians should take comfort from in these few scriptures. There is also a warning, but with that warning a reminder that in Him we are safe.

Is there anyone in Christ today who can say that since coming to Jesus all of the problems and sufferings in this world have passed away? Does anyone have a life as a Christian that is all sweetness and light?

I very much doubt it…unless they are trying to fool themselves. The truth is that there awaits a life of tribulation, stress and persecution for those who come to Christ, and in this section of scripture Jesus tells us that is what it will be like. But He also shows that we need not worry about it when we follow Him for there is victory in Jesus Christ.

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I Am The Resurrection and The Life

(John 11:17-27)

In the previous two posts I have been looking at the events leading up to the death and resurrection of Lazarus. When Jesus came to the place where he had taken ill and died, he spoke to Martha and Mary, who were sisters of Lazarus. In this discussion Jesus makes one of the most important points and messages of the teachings of the gospel.

Jesus is the Author and giver of life
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(John 10:17-21)

There are some things in this world that are considered unstoppable and unchangeable. The rising and setting of the sun, the ebb and flow of the tides and of course those classics…death and taxes! But in truth all of these things are really only temporary and there will come a time when they will all end.

Like a freight train, Jesus is Unstoppable

However Jesus was truly unstoppable and He will never end for He is eternal. He could not be held down by anything for His purpose was set and authorised by the Father and would be seen through to a conclusion regardless of what would come. The plan was set in place and is moving forward to a conclusion that is inevitable.The way I look at this is a bit like the song by Bob Dylan, Slow Train Coming. The plan of God is like a slow train moving down the track. Nothing you can do will stop it, it just keeps on rolling along.

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Life In Abundance

(John 10:10)

What is your life? How much does your life mean to you? What would you be prepared to give in exchange for your life? Anything? Everything?

Living a Life In Abundance

These are big, big questions and not easy to answer. In this world we know that the average life span of a person these days is about 80-85 years, and much less in some under-developed nations. People are born and die every day and many do not give much thought about their lives other than to live it to the fullest. There is a commonly held belief among the people of the world that you are only here for a short time and then you are gone so you might as well make the most of it while you can.

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Food for Thought, Food for Life

(John 6:16-27)

In this section of scripture we see food for thought and food for life. The bible is full of food for thought and there are many stories, parables, analogies and teachings where food is used as a metaphor for spiritual learning. Here Jesus speaks in more direct terms about food, and in particular the food for life. He gives us insight to understand what our food priorities ought to be if we are to find life eternal.

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