More Than Conquerors

(Romans 8:37-39)

We are more than conquerors through Chris Jesus our Lord. That is what this scripture says and is telling us. We have the victory in and through Jesus Christ and we have conquered all things in Him.

More than conquerors in Jesus Christ
More than conquerors in Jesus Christ

So I can understand what it is to be a conqueror in Jesus Christ, but what does it mean to be MORE than conquerors? Isn't it enough just to be a conqueror? Isn't it enough just to be victorious? What does it mean then to be MORE than a conqueror and what are the implications of this statement to us?

There are three aspects of this that come to mind as I consider these things. First, how it is we have conquered in Jesus Christ. Second, what it is we have conquered in Jesus Christ. And finally what it means to be MORE than conquerors including the implications of this description for our life as we walk forward. So let us look at these things and consider what the mean.

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Reconciled To God

Romans 5:9-11

The primary reason for Jesus coming to this world was to reconcile man to God. It was the purpose and goal of God the Father to establish a means by which man would be able to step aside from sin and come into a place where God is prepared to help man be reconciled to Him.

Reconciled to God
Reconciled to God

The Way of this reconciliation is through Jesus Christ. It was His life, death and resurrection that enabled the reconciliation to occur. And even more, God through Jesus Christ established the path for us to not only be reconciled to Him but to also walk a path that would lead to perfection in Jesus Christ.

So let us look at this a little more and see what this reconciliation is all about and what it means beyond the basics of this reconciliation.

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Essence of the New Covenant

(Romans 4:22-25)

If ever there were just a few verses that summed up the essence of the new covenant and how both it works and what we are to believe and accept in Jesus Christ, these are those few verses.

Essence of the new covenant
Essence of the new covenant

The new covenant is deliberately simple to grasp and take hold of. It had to be that way so that all of mankind could have access to it and receive the gifts of God. It does not require great wisdom or great knowledge to receive the truth of the new covenant, or at least the essence of the truth that begins a walk with Christ Jesus.

All it needs is faith. But not blind faith. This faith is quite specific and quite a deliberate belief in a set of things that The Lord has established in the new covenant, and we see the essence of what we must believe in these few lines of scripture.

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Jesus is Buried

(John 19:38-42)

The events that followed the death of Jesus were interesting as His body was taken for burial. The depth of feeling that the Jewish leaders held against Jesus and those who followed him was evident in the reactions of those who claimed His body.

The tomb of Jesus
The tomb of Jesus

Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus, who was a ruler of the Jews came to claim the body and prepare it for burial. However they came secretly and surreptitiously because they feared the Jewish leaders. We see it later also in the reactions of the disciples prior to Pentecost where they remained locked up in the upper room where the last supper was held. They were basically in hiding because all felt that the Jewish leaders had gained the advantage and had won.

They were wrong for the death and burial of Jesus was not the end, but the beginning and the repercussions of His death, burial and resurrection carry forward to us today.

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Jesus Dies

(John 19:31-37)

Friedrich Nietzsche wrote in one of his book these words, that God is dead. He was speaking about how the whole idea and concept of God was dead in modern western society. How the premise of atheism has overtaken modern thinking to attempt to destroy all thoughts and actions in society that promote the truth of God.

There was only one time in history when those words were true, and that was when Jesus Christ, the Son of God was nailed up and put to death in accordance with the plan, design, foreknowledge and the will of God the Father. But unlike a man, He was only dead for three days and then arose to live in eternity and to offer mankind eternal life.

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It Is Finished

(John 19:23-30)

Jesus was nailed up to die. The last few acts that were prophesied concerning His life were completed with the soldiers casting lots for His garments and Him being given a drink of sour wine as He said, “I thirst.”

Jesus’ time had come to an end on earth and the stage was set for the commencement of Christianity and the blessings that would come. In His death he became the sacrificial lamb and His blood would become the blood of the covenant by which those who followed Him would receive freedom, joy, peace and life.

In these last moments of His life we see two remarkable things occur, and it is those we will look at today.

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Should the Cross be the Real Symbol of Christianity

(John 19:17-22)

After being judged by Pilate Jesus was handed over to the Jews with a company of soldiers and led away to be put to death. He was loaded up with the beam to which He would be nailed and which he had to cart or drag to the place He would die. To the Place of the Skull or Golgotha.

Should this be the symbol of Christianity?

But there are questions about His method of death which need to be considered.

There is no doubt that Jesus was nailed to the beam of wood that He carried, and this was to be a death most painful and violent. But we cannot know for certain that Jesus died on a cross. So let us consider this question and try to gain some insight from the scriptures.

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Jesus Delivered to Pilate

(John 19:1-16)

Jesus before Pilate

When Jesus was in the hands of Pilate he was taken out and scourged or whipped by the soldiers. It was at this time that they mocked and spat upon him calling Jesus the King of the Jews and making a crown of thorns to place on his head. Little did they understand the truth of their words and who it was they were mocking.

Pilate was in a difficult position. As the governor of Jerusalem by appointment from Caesar, he had to judge all the matters of the Jews and to ensure or enforce law and order. And yet here the Jews had brought Jesus, a man they wanted put to death, but Pilate could find no crime worthy of the death penalty in anything Jesus had said or done. Let us see what he did. Continue reading “Jesus Delivered to Pilate”

What is Truth?

(John 18:33-40)

The truth will make you free and freedom is in the truth

This is a question that was posed some 2,000 years ago by Pontius Pilate when Jesus was brought before him. Pilate had asked Jesus some questions about whether He was a king, and Jesus replied in verse 37 saying,

“You say that I am a king. For this I was born, and for this I have come into the world, to bear witness to the truth. Every one who is of the truth hears my voice.”

Then Pilate utters these words that have echoed down the ages and still today demand an answer…What is truth? Today we will look at this in some detail and hopefully get a glimpse of the truth that comes through Jesus Christ.

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Jesus is Taken to Pilate

(John 18:28-32)

Jesus is taken before Pilate

After being “interviewed” by the chief priest and officers of the Jews, Jesus was taken to Pilate. This was all part of the Plan of God and the fulfilment of prophecy where He said he would be delivered up to the Gentiles and would be shamefully treated by them.

The way the Jews acted when they brought Jesus to Pilate shows their hypocrisy and their malice. The words they said and the actions they took showed just how false they were, as you will see.

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