The Miraculous Power Of Prayer

In mid-2008 my wife and I were on a holiday in the Kimberley region of Australia. We had been travelling in this area and the Northern Territory for the preceding couple of months.

During this time one of our daughters back home, who was pregnant at the time, had begun to have complications and was taken into hospital. Her situation became quite serious as various internal organs began to fail including her kidneys and liver. The baby was also under significant stress and so her treating doctors decided to carry out an emergency caesarian, even though the baby would be born some nine weeks premature.

This was quite stressful for my wife and I as we were so far away, and at the time were almost as far from home as we could be in Australia without going overseas. Due to the intense nature of the pressure and stress of the situation, we organised an emergency flight for my wife to go back home to be with our daughter, and decided to abandon the final stage of our holiday.

I began the long journey home by road, commencing my trip the same day my wife flew home, and throughout the long drive I spent much of the time in prayer asking the Lord to protect my daughter and the unborn child.

When my wife arrived home she went to the hospital immediately. She discovered the gravity of the situation as my daughters kidneys had almost completely failed and there was significant damage to her liver. The doctors also advised that there was a problem with her placenta and the baby had been compromised, as it appeared he may not have been receiving adequate, if any, nourishment for several weeks. The doctors carried out the emergency caesarian operation and our new grandson was born. He was incredibly small at only three pounds in weight and with many health problems from being so premature.

Within the first 24 hours they identified that he had developed a pneumo-thorax issue, a hole in the lungs. The doctors said this was a problem but he could get through it provided there was no infection. In the following 24 hours they identified that he had developed an infection and was sliding downhill. Subsequently they then identified that his stomach was not working and what little food that he had taken in was putrifying in his tiny body. At this time a nurse friend of ours came to visit, and on looking at the baby’s charts immediately recommended that I had to get home right away. He said the situation was so bad that he didn’t think the child would survive and that I would be needed to provide support for my wife and daughter.

I had been driving for several days at this stage and was roughly at the halfway point, but with no communications. At various towns I stopped and phoned to see what the latest news was but it always seemed that our grandson’s condition just kept deteriorating. All I could do was to continue praying for him and for the whole situation. On the night that I was advised of the last issue with his inability to process food, it was not expected that our grandson would live. That night I sat in the camper and for a long time just besought the Lord, praying constantly for his intervention. I sought him and asked that he be merciful to my grandson, my daughter and the family, and that he would heal this tiny child. It was while praying that night that the Lord spoke to me saying, “I will be merciful.” I took great comfort from these words and believed that God would do as he had promised.

The next day while travelling I came across a family whose caravan had broken down. I pulled over and helped to get them mobile as they had no idea how to fix the issue. I spent an hour or so and managed to get them mobile, and then followed them to the next town to ensure they were safe and OK. The one thing they had which I did not was a phone that worked in the bush, and in gratitude they offered me the use of it to phone home as I had told them the story of what was going on.

When I spoke to my wife, she said I needed to get to Alice Springs as quickly as I could (about another 500km), as they had organised a flight for me to come home immediately due to the serious condition of the child. I told my wife that I had been praying for him and what the Lord had said to me and I was confident and faithful believing through the power of prayer that the Lord would indeed show us mercy as he had promised.

I flew home and my friend the nurse flew into Alice Springs to continue to drive my car and camper back home. On arriving home I went to the hospital and saw my grandson for the first time. He was tiny and frail with many tubes and gadgets attached, but still I was confident that the Lord would show him and us mercy as he had told me. As it turned out he was better than he had been and we discovered that his improvement began at about the same time as I had been praying for him, and when the Lord said to me that he would show mercy.

It was a truly miraculous turnaround and from that point in time he continued to get stronger and stronger.

I thank the Lord for showing his mercy to me, my family and to my young grandson. His miracle healing was rapid and complete from the time the Lord said he would be merciful. In addition he also completely healed the organ damage my daughter had suffered in this whole episode, and she too has no physical effects from the difficult times she went through.

My grandson is just short of two years old at the time of writing this and is a bundle of energy and life. He really keeps us on our toes and is truly a miracle and blessing from God for which we thank him always for and through the power of prayer.

Please also let me know if you find something here that has helped you, provided hope or given you reason to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ. Also if you have any questions then please feel free to contact me.

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