God Provides Even In Small Things

The Lord sees fit to look after us in all ways. He told us to consider the birds of the air and how they neither sow nor reap and yet our heavenly father feeds them. He goes on to say that we are of much more value than the birds to Him and that even the hairs on our head are numbered.

Well the Lord saw fit to prove to me how God cares for me, not just in the big things, but also in the small things.

At one point in my working life when I was a young man I was very short of money. I had a wife and children and my whole pay was devoted to feeding, clothing and housing them. We lived on one side of the city but I worked on the other side and to get to work I had to take two trains and then walk several miles to my place of employment.

We were living from pay packet to pay packet and there were times when I used to work overtime just to get the tea money so I could buy bread and milk to feed my kids when I got home.

On this one occasion as I left work for my walk of several miles back to the station I knew that I did not have enough money for the train fare. I was two cents short. If I didn’t get the two cents I had no idea how I would get home. As I walked to the station I prayed to the Lord about this matter and asked for his provision. I arrived at the train station not knowing what I would do and walked out onto the platform still praying. As I walked I looked down and there it was…a two-cent coin on the platform. I gladly picked it up, gave thanks to the Lord and went and bought my ticket.

This incident took place many years ago, but it has served me as a reminder many times that God provides and God cares for us not just in the big things in our life but also the small things. He wants us to give him ALL of our problems because God cares about us.

Please also let me know if you find something here that has helped you, provided hope or given you reason to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ. Also if you have any questions then please feel free to contact me.

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