Replacing Judas

(Acts 1:15-26)

Judas betrayed Jesus. He was selected by The Lord as one of the twelve knowing full well that he would betray Jesus. That was why he was chosen for it was necessary to fulfil the scriptures and prophecy concerning the betrayal.

The Twelve Apostles
The Twelve Apostles

But in spite of this betrayal, the position Judas held as one of the twelve was an important role. The twelve did not simply become the eleven when Judas went out and killed himself. There were twelve positions appointed by The Lord and they needed to be filled for the purpose of the ongoing ministry that would soon follow.

To that end all of the disciples with the eleven met as a group, about 120 in all at that time, and they elected a replacement for Judas, a man by the name of Matthias. And as it says in these scriptures, Matthias was enrolled with the eleven to take his place as an apostle in the ministry.

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Jesus Ascends Into Heaven


In this section of scripture we see what occurs when Jesus departs front the earth to return to the Father. This scripture describes the final moments, the last conversation and the method of His leaving the earth.

Jesus ascends into heaven
Jesus ascends into heaven

Contained in these words too is a powerful message of His second coming when He will return to take control of the earth and to establish Gods kingdom with men. Knowing this helps us for we are warned in many places that there will be false prophets, false teachers and worst of all, false Christs including the Antichrist who is to come.

Consider these words well for they will keep you from being deceived when the time comes.

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You Shall Receive Power

(Acts 1:1-9)

You Shall Recieve Power
You Shall Recieve Power

The Gospels covered the message of Jesus Christ and bore witness to His work, His death and His resurrection. In the book of Acts we begin to see the work of the Apostles and those who followed Jesus and how the message was taken to the world.

This message is still expanding in the world today, and there is much that we must understand and learn from the way it all began. Jesus commissioned His first Apostles to commence the work and to build the church. That same commission flows down to the church today and we have a tremendous responsibility to ensure we follow the message, structure and plan as it was presented and devised by Jesus. To do otherwise is not following His way and can only be troublesome and cause great difficulty.

So let us consider this as we commence and go through the book of Acts to see how the church was structured and built, and to learn the lessons they learned and wrote down for our education and benefit.

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