Walking in the Light

(Luke 11:33-36)

Many times Jesus taught the people that they should be walking in the light. Here he teaches us an important lesson about how to walk in the light.

What is the light?

The light that Jesus speaks of is the light of knowledge. More specifically it is the light of the knowledge of God and the message of truth that leads to salvation. The truth “enlightens” man so that he can know and do what is right in accordance with the will of God. This is the light that Jesus was bringing to the world that we could all learn from him and thus be cleansed of our sin. In the light we can walk with Jesus to obey the will of God.

What is Walking in the Light?

When we learn the truth and the ways of the Lord and apply these things to our way of life, we are walking in the light. But this is not a one off thing.

Being a Christian and walking in the light indicates a journey. Walking in the light suggests a steady movement forward as we follow Jesus and grow into his image. It is progressive and requires continual learning and teaching through the Holy Spirit so that we can understand the things of God.

Jesus tells us that this is a journey and one we must continue to follow throughout our life. He said, “Walk while you have the light, lest the darkness overtake you; he who walks in the darkness does not know where he goes.” (John 12:35) The darkness is constantly behind us ready to overtake us and over power us to take us back into sin. We cannot stop and rest on our laurels but must continue to always move forward lest the darkness overtake us.

This brings us to the significance of today’s scripture.

The Eye is the Lamp of your Body.

eye is the lamp of the bodyMost of what we learn and understand in this world is perceived through what we see. Certainly we learn through all of our senses, but it is through our eyes that we perceive most things.

Now if we seek the things that are good and if we look for what is good, then we will be full of light. When we seek out the ways of the Lord through study and action we are filled with the goodness of the Lord, that is, the light of the gospel.

However if we go looking for the things that are not of God, we are filling our bodies with darkness. When we seek the things of this world; pornography, violence, greed for wealth, and so on, we are filling our minds and our body with the darkness of evil.

If we pollute our mind and body with darkness, how much harder is it to see the light? Just as light and darkness cannot co-exist together, good and evil cannot co-exist together in you.

The message of the Lord in this scripture is to shun the evil that is the darkness which will blot out your light. Don’t go looking for evil but instead seek what is good and right and true. Fill your mind and your heart with the things of God that are good and will lead to life. Darkness leads only to death, and as you stumble and fall in a physical sense in the dark, so too you will stumble and fall spiritually if you allow the darkness into your mind.

Look for what is good and seek the truth. Then you will be walking in the light and be filled with the light of the knowledge of the truth.

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