A House Built Upon the Rock

(Luke 6:46-49)

Jesus taught us many things during his ministry on earth. Here he shows us the key to his ministry and what we should do about it.

When we follow his teachings in this matter we will not fall like a poorly built structure, but like a lighthouse we will stand against adversity and shine our light for all to see.lighthouse-in-a-storm-from-reuters

Houses Built on Sand

Anyone who has ever been involved in building will know the folly of building a house without a foundation. Sand is not a good foundation because it is constantly shifting and will cause the house to fall.

Jesus likens a person who hears his words and does not do them to a house built on sand. When the storms come and the floods rage it gets washed away because it has no solid foundation.

The floods that come against a Christian are the floods of false doctrine and false teaching. Unless a Christian has a solid foundation on Jesus and the words of the gospel, how can they stand against these floods? How can a person know the difference between right and wrong unless they have listened and taken in the words of Jesus Christ.

Houses Built on Rock

But those who not only hear the words of Jesus Christ but also DO them are likened to houses built on a solid foundation upon the rock. A house built upon the rock will stand in a storm and a flood because it has a solid foundation.

Likewise a person who is strongly founded upon the teachings of Jesus Christ and applies those teachings in their life will also stand when false doctrine or false teaching is thrown up to them. They are trained to know the difference between what is good and what is evil.

What Does This Mean For Us?

The key to this scripture is not just to hear the words of Jesus, but to DO them. We must first hear the words, but then we need to act upon those words. We need to take the words of Jesus into our heart and live our life in accordance with the truth of the New Covenant.

When we do this we become solid and stable. We become like a lighthouse that not only can stand against the raging seas, but will also give out light to those around it and help others not to founder upon the rocks.

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