Peter’s Confession

(John 6:66-71)

The Lord had just spoken difficult things to many of those who followed him. He showed them that it was necessary that they eat his flesh and drink his blood if they were to enter the kingdom of God. These were hard sayings for them to comprehend and as a result many of his followers left him and walked away. They were perplexed and puzzled, perhaps even horrified at these sayings, so they left him. At this time Jesus also asked his closest disciples, the twelve, whether they too wanted to leave and it is then that Peter makes his confession which still rings true down through the ages to today.

You are the Holy One

In the scripture just prior to this Jesus made this point. “And he said, “This is why I told you that no one can come to me unless it is granted him by the Father.” (verse 65) no one can come to Jesus unless it is granted by the Father. We are called to come to the Lord through working of both the Father and the Son.

What we saw though is that many of the people who were following Jesus walked away. It is evident that they had been along for the ride, but they had not been called to Jesus by the Father.

In Peter's case though we see something different for when Jesus asks if he wants to also leave he says, “You are the Holy One of God.” (verse 69) Peter shows by this part of his confession that he recognizes hat Jesus is from God and that He is God. No one can recognize that to be true unless it is revealed to them by God. Consider how many people of the world think about Jesus. Most think he was just a good man who lived and died about two thousand years ago, but they don't consider him the Son of God.

So this part of Peters confession is quite reveling for it is clear evidence that God the Father had opened his eyes and revealed who Jesus was to him and the other disciples.

Where would we go?

We also see in Peter's confession that he says these words. “Simon Peter answered him, “Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life.” (verse 68) Peter recognized that there was no one else to whom they could turn and go to learn how to have eternal life. Peter recognized that the only place they would find the truth that would lead to eternal life was by following Jesus for he has the words of God.

There are many today who seek to understand truth but are looking in all the wrong places. They seek enlightenment from gurus, occultists, new age teachings, eastern religions and so on, none of which will lead to eternal life. Why? Because they do not come from God and they do not contain the words of God. If you want to know how something works, then go to the creator for he can tell you. So too if you are seeking eternal life go to the Author of Life and he can teach you and lead you to life.


The last element of Peter's confession is his confession of faith. At the start of verse 69 he says, “… And we have believed…” This is the key to all that is offered from God. If we are to receive the gifts of God and maternal life it is based upon our faith. Peter recognized that and showed that he believed in the Lord and the words and teachings that he was giving. So where could they turn other than to Jesus?

Likewise when we believe the Lord and come to recognize that he is indeed the Son of God and God, we show that we have been called by the Father. When we believe His words of eternal life we find the path to life, and with it all of the blessings that the Lord has offered to us.

And all of this depends upon faith. Just as Peter confessed his faith in Jesus in this scripture, so too we confess our faith. Then we prove our faith by learning obedience and following in His ways.

So what are your thoughts on Peter's confession? How did you find Jesus, or more to the point how did He find you?

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