All Will Be Revealed!

(Luke 12:2-3)

Psst! Wanna know a secret? I’ll tell you but don’t tell another soul! Ever been in this situation? Secrets are exciting! People want to know stuff about things or people that nobody else knows. It’s human nature.

But sometimes secrets are not helpful. Sometimes there are dark secrets that may be told that should not be spoken of at all. And there is one major problem with keeping secrets.

All Will Be Revealed

Jesus tells us that, “Nothing is covered up that will not be revealed, or hidden that will not be known.” (Verse 2) You cannot hide things in this world. Anything that a person tries to hide, especially of an evil nature, eventually gets found out.

whispered in privateLook at people in the public eye who have dramatically fallen from grace when their dirty little secrets came to light. Sporting stars, politicians, television and movie actors, musicians and so on. The grist of the mill for gossip columnists. I’m sure you can think of many examples where secrets destroyed these people’s careers and sometimes lives.

What is worse are secrets of an evil nature held by those who are supposed to be leaders in the church. We have seen many cases of church leaders and those in ministry discovered in adultery, sexual perversion, lust, greed and other destructive sins. They bring themselves into disgrace and tarnish the wider church by their actions and behaviours.

Sure we are all weak and have many failings. But as the Bible says, “And that servant who knew his master’s will, but did not make ready or act according to his will, shall receive a severe beating. But he who did not know, and did what deserved a beating, shall receive a light beating. Every one to whom much is given, of him will much be required; and of him to whom men commit much they will demand the more.” (Luke 12:47-48) These people who are leaders in the church are meant to set an example for good. Much has been committed to them and so much is and will be required.

What Should You Do About It

There are two things that you and I can do about secrets now that we are in the knowledge that it WILL be found out.

First, don’t do anything that you might need to have kept secret. Don’t get into to trouble and then there will be no guilt or fear or reason to worry. Sure, its easier said than done, but consider in times of temptation, if Jesus were standing watching you, would you still do it? If the answer is no, then don’t. Oh and by the way, he is watching you constantly. Remember he said, “…even the hairs of your head are all numbered.” (Matthew 10:30) So if all your hairs are numbered, how closely is the Lord watching over you?

The second thing is not to participate in the secrets of others. Often when you get someone come to you saying, “Psst! I’ve got something to tell you but don’t tell a soul,” it is usually gossip. The Lord hates gossips and busybodies. Just check in Romans 1:29, 2 Corinthians 12:20 and 1 Timothy 5:13 for a few examples.

Instead if someone comes to you with gossip or secrets about others, don’t participate. Ask them whether this is gossip and just simply say, “No thanks.” Don’t listen to gossip about another person. Why should your opinion be coloured by the tales told by others, and often they are highly biased and based on half truths (BTW…there is no such thing as a half truth. It’s either truth or its a lie).

So stay away from secrets. Don’t have any of your own for the Lord says, “…whatever you have said in the dark shall be heard in the light, and what you have whispered in private rooms shall be proclaimed upon the housetops.” (Verse 3) You can’t hide and it will be revealed. Better not to have secrets in the first place than suffer shame and humiliation when the truth comes out.

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