A Chosen Instrument

(Acts 9:10-18)

Saul who became Paul had just been through the Damascus road experience and his life had been turned on its head in an instant. The Lord Jesus appeared to him in a bright light and spoke to him showing how he was hurting himself by continuing to oppose The Lord.

Chosen Instrument

Paul at this point in time had been led by the hand into Damascus for he had been blinded on the road when The Lord appeared to him. The Lord was preparing him in all of this. He had to stop and think and reassess his life to that point, recognising that it was all wrong and to be prepared for a new way.

And there wasn’t much he could do apart from pray and seek The Lord. He had just been made blind and could not go out and about. He could not continue on his path of terrorising the early church. He could not even work at his trade as a tent maker without his sight. All he could do was pray and seek The Lord to understand, “What next!” And in that we see The Lord left him for three days to ponder before coming to him in these scriptures to answer his questions.

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Parables and the Love of the Father

(John 16:25-28)

love of the father
The Love of the Father

Jesus is speaking here of His imminent departure from the world. He is telling His disciples that He is soon to be sacrificed and will leave this world.

In these words He gives us a few interesting teachings including a revelation about the love of the Father. But before we look at that, Jesus also spoke in this section about why he taught the people in figures and parables. So let us consider that first as a lead in to the love of the Father.

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Unless a Grain of Wheat Falls into the Earth and Dies

(John 12:20-24)

Unless a Grain of Wheat Falls into the Earth and Dies
Unless a Grain of Wheat Falls into the Earth and Dies

Here is an interesting teaching where Jesus speaks in parables about his coming death and resurrection. It is here that He recognises that the purpose of His coming was to die and be raised for the purpose of building the church. He uses the analogy that unless a grain of wheat falls into the earth and dies it does not bear fruit but remains alone.

The trigger for this discussion is when some Greeks came to his disciples and wanted to see Jesus. And that is a great and wondrous thing for in that day He revealed the blessings that were to come down to us today.

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The Stone The Builders Rejected

(Luke 20:9-18)

This section of scripture is the parable of the man who planted a vineyard, let it out to tenants and then went away. The focus is on the tenants and how they reacted to those sent by the master of the vineyard to receive the fruits of the vineyard. There are a few ways to look at this parable, but here today I will consider only one of those, for it provides a dire warning for the people of the world as well as the people of God.vineyard2

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The Prodigal Son

(Luke 15:11-24)

Almost everyone knows the story of the prodigal son, including non-Christians. The message has been widely and much used as a teaching of redemption and return. It is a wonderful parable and has a number of good messages for Christians. This is the third message of the Lord in this chapter of Luke that looks at seeking the lost so let’s have a look at it.pigs eating pods Continue reading “The Prodigal Son”

The Parable of the Sower

(Luke 8:4-15)

The parable of the sower has a vast array of meanings and many things can be learned from it. There are four groups of people and four ways they react when hearing the word of God which is one of the lessons that we get from this parable.

The Seed on the Path

Some people when they hear the word of God immediately have it taken away. There may be many reasons why the word is taken from them. It may be the love f the things of this world, peer pressure, pre-conceived and wrong ideas of what Christianity is. Whatever the cause the devil immediately teakes the word away from them and they do not get the chance for it to take root. The representation in the parable is the birds that come and grab whatever is sown on the path.

The Seed in the Rocks

There are some people when they hear things immediately take to it with enthusiasm. This happens whether it is Christianity or many other things. In the world today we see this with diet programs, exercise programs savings programs and so on. These things often start with enthusiasm, but as the hard work and the grind sets in, the enthusiasm weakens, passions fall and they soon give it away.

This is the same with Christians where the word does not take any root. They come along enthused at the opportunity but they have no staying power. The word does not go into their heart and take root. And then when things get tough, as they always will, these people do not have either the strength, will or desire to tough it out.

The Seed in the Weeds

This is one of the most sinister methods by which the devil takes people away from the Lord. He strangles out the word of the Lord after they hear it through filing their life with other things.

Inevitably when people coem to the Lord all of a sudden things start to pop up in their life to smother the word. They get invited out when church is on, their favourite TV shows have a change of time slot to when they had decided to do bible study or prayer, the kids, family, work, whatever need attention when they had planned to spend time with the Lord, and so on.

The word eventually gets strangled by these other things as the person succumbs to these temptations. In the end they drift away.

The Seed in the Good Soil

This is where the word finds a person ready and receptive to hear and do the word of God. It takes root and they change their lives as they come to God and walk with Jesus Christ.

Why Parables?

There is much we can learn from this parable and the above barely covers the tip of the iceberg. What is interesting also is when Jesus was asked by the disciples about this and other parables he said to them, “To you it has been given to know the secrets of the kingdom of God; but for others they are in parables, so that seeing they may not see, and hearing they may not understand.” (Verse 10)

The words of God are a mystery to the people of the world because the message is not a message of man but of the spirit. To be able to understand the things of the Spirit needs a person to be guided by the Spirit of God. The people of the world cannot learn the things of God because they do not have the Spirit of God.

But when a person comes to the Lord and takes the word to heart, the Lord sends the Holy Spirit to be their guide, counselor and teacher so that they can understand the things of God.

This is why Jesus says that seeing they do not see and hearing the do not understand when he speaks of the world. They cannot see for only the Lord through the Holy Spirit can open the eyes and ears of a person to be able to see and understand the words of God.

It is important to remain strong so that you can learn the ways of the Lord and then bear fruit like one of those who fell on the good soil.