A New Commandment

(John 13:31-35)

helping hand
A New Commandment Jesus gave to love one another as He loved, by serving and helping his people.

At the time of the last supper Jesus spoke to the disciples saying that He would give them a new commandment. He charged them specifically and in this new commandment brought together all of the essence of His teachings into a single sentence.

In part this new commandment He gave was restating the great commandment of the law. For the basis of both the old commandments and this new commandment is love, that is, the love of God.

And yet also in this new commandment He is giving a new basis for us as Christians to understand His love and the relationships which set us apart from the rest of the world. This new commandment is powerful for when it is being applied, we will be seen for what we are, the true followers of Jesus Christ.

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Serving Jesus

(John 12:25-26)

serving jesus
Serving Jesus

How do we go about serving Jesus? What are the steps, behaviours and actions that represent serving Jesus?

I am sure that you can think of many of the things you can and should do to be serving Jesus, but Jesus himself gave us an interesting insight into this matter in these scriptures.

In addition He showed us an aspect of how He has His people placed to be able to serve in the manner that He chooses. We may have ideas about what needs to be done and may seek to do something about it all, but Jesus places His servants where and when he wants them.

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The Good Samaritan

(Luke 10:29-37)

Yesterday we saw that the Lord showed there is eternal life in keeping the law. A lawyer came to Jesus asking how to inherit eternal life and Jesus told him if he kept the two great laws, to love God and to love your neighbour, you would inherit life. But there is a better way to have life and that is through Jesus Christ and the teachings of the New Covenant.

Now this lawyer, like many people, tried to justify himself. Being a lawyer he wanted a definition of who or what was meant by loving your neighbour, so he asked, “And, who is my neighbour?” (verse 29) In response Jesus told him the story of the Good Samaritan.

The Good Samaritan

Most people know this story. In it we see a man attacked and left wounded. A priest and a Levite, who was a holy man, passed by and seeing him crossed and passed him on the other side of the road. But the Samaritan on seeing him tended to his wounds, placed him on his own beast and carried him to an inn. He instructed the innkeeper to tend to him and that he would pay all expenses.

Love Thy Neighbour

This is one of the classic teachings from the bible about love and compassion. It is one of the great examples of where the law to love thy neighbour is seen in action.

The love of God is not seen in the depictions shown in Hollywood or in books and magazines. The love of God is shown in deeds and actions and how we behave with other people.

There is also another dimension to this too. It is the aspect of having the opportunity to make a difference. As Paul wrote, “So then, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all men, and especially to those who are of the household of faith.” (Galatians 6:10)

The Good Samaritan had the opportunity to do good and he took that opportunity to help. The priest and the Levite also had the same opportunity and yet did nothing. It is when we have the opportunity and take it that we show the love of God.

And this is important for we see that some will be rejected who do not take and use the opportunities that are presented to them. Jesus showed this when he taught in Matthew 25:32-46 saying that when we did or did not assist one of the least of those whom he loved we were serving or failing to serve Christ himself.

A Better Way

So carrying on from the section discussed in the previous post, this has taken the ability to inherit eternal life from mere law keeping to the process of perfection and walking in love.

If we are to live with Christ and the Father into eternity, it is essential that we learn how to live and behave in love towards our brethren. His kingdom is governed by love. Unlike the kingdoms of this earth that are governed by control, law and fear of punishment for breaking the law, God’s kingdom is governed by love.

This is a better way because unlike today where people will push boundaries and do what they can get away with, often only doing the right thing for fear of judgement and punishment, in God’s kingdom people will do what is right because it is right. They will do what is right because they love what is right. And love will rule in peace.