God Gives Good Gifts

(John 14:12-14)

god gives good gifts
God Gives Good Gifts

Is there any limit to what God can and will do for His people? Is there anything that He will not give His people if they ask for it?

No. There is no limit to the love and generosity of the Lord. God gives good gifts to His people and God will give His people everything they need and most of the things they want on just one condition. And it is not a difficult thing that we need to do to receive whatever our desires are from God.

All the power that the Lord can bring to bear is available to His people when they do just one thing. And yet many put limitations on God thinking He cannot do what they need. So what is the one thing that is required to receive the free gift from God?

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I Am In The Father

(John 14:7-11)

enter into the light
Enter into the light as Jesus said
“I am in the Father and the Father is in me”

Jesus and the Father were inseparable. They thought alike, acted alike and worked together as one. In this scripture we see the depth of their relationship when Jesus says to Philip, “Do you not believe that I am in the Father and the Father in me?” (Verse 10)

So close were they that you could not tell any difference and Jesus sounding a little exasperated says also to Philip, “Have I been with you so long, and yet you do not know me, Philip? He who has seen me has seen the Father; how can you say, ‘Show us the Father’?” (Verse 9)

So today let us look at these words and think through the implications of what the Lord was teaching the disciples.

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Overcoming Fear

(John 12:37-43)

overcoming fear
Overcoming Fear by the power of Jesus Christ

Recently I have seen many people who have been overcome by fear. They have been paralysed or strung out and have withdrawn into themselves through the power of fear. This is a terrible situation because fear is a great limiter on our lives.

Overcoming fear brings release to your life and allows you to be free. Overcoming fear and the power that fear has over a persons life is critical to moving forward. While you are living in fear you are in chains, but in Christ those chains can and will be broken if YOU allow Him to do so.

The scripture today suggested this issue to me along with discussions I have had online recently, so let’s take a look at what this is all about and what we can do about overcoming fear.

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Satan Cast Out

(John 12:31-32)

cast out
Cast out in desperation and no hope of return

Two strong pieces of information are contained in these two verse. One that could and should strike fear into the hearts of mankind, but only those who are not followers of Jesus. The second is a declaration of the hope of salvation and the promise of the Lord.

There are insights here about the power struggle that is and was going on in heaven. It is a fascinating study in the power of God versus the opposition from Satan. Let’s look at some of the interesting insights we can gain from these two verses and the powers at work on both sides.

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Trust and Obey

(John 12:27-30)

trust and obey
Put your hand in the Lord’s hand and trust and obey

There is an old hymn that many Christians will know or at least have heard of called Trust and Obey. It gave a great message about the need to show both of these attitudes as a Christian for if we are to enter God’s kingdom we must do both.

In this section of scripture we see that the Lord too exhibited how he trusted and obeyed the Father. And we also see that the Father showed the people who were with Jesus a sign that recognised the trust and obedience shown by Jesus.

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Hosanna In The Highest

(John 12:12-19)

hosanna in the highest
Hosanna in the highest
Jesus enters into Jerusalem

When Jesus entered into Jerusalem the final time, his fame had spread far and wide. The people recognised His power and kingship as they spread branches of palm trees on the ground and cried out praises like, “Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord,” and “Hosanna in the Highest.”

They praised Him, they worshiped Him and they gave Him their adoration which He was due. They did not yet understand His teachings, but they praised Him for the many miraculous and wondrous works He had carried out. As it says in verses 17-18,

17 The crowd that had been with him when he called Laz’arus out of the tomb and raised him from the dead bore witness.
18 The reason why the crowd went to meet him was that they heard he had done this sign.

However the reaction of the Pharisees was interesting for a different reason and that bears looking at more deeply.

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Dealing With Persecution

(John 11:54-57)

One of the things we can count on as Christians is that there will be persecutions. We will be taken to task over many of the things we say, do and believe. Even though as Christians our aim is to be like Christ, everyone else will use that as an opportunity to cut us down whenever we slip up or make a mistake or act in a manner that is perhaps…less than Christ-like.noose

So persecutions are gonna come whether we like it or not. It is all part of the testing of our faith and so we need to understand how to deal with the persecutions when they come.

This short section of scripture shows us one of the things we should do, like Jesus did, when the persecution was more than just words. So we will look at that and then the less dangerous forms of persecution. Continue reading “Dealing With Persecution”

Jesus – Fully God, Fully Man

(John 11:28-36)

Quite often we hear people speak about Jesus using the words above. They say that He was fully God and fully man. Even though the Bible does not use those words exactly as they are written, they are indeed true. Even Jesus himself said that ache was both the Son of God and the Son of man. As such it is quite reasonable to call Him both fully God and fully man.

In case of emotion, pull from top!

But what are the implications of such a description? And how did He exhibit the character and attributes of both God and man?

In this section of scripture we see examples of both His godly and human nature and how it is clear that he lived as both God and man.

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Lazarus Dies

(John 11:5-16)

In my last post we looked at what Jesus did and said when a messenger came to Him saying that Lazarus was ill. We see in this section of scripture that Jesus loved Martha, Mary and Lazarus so it is certain that they were good friends and Jesus would help His friends just as anyone else helps their friends.

Lazarus dies...but not for long!

In the last section we saw that Jesus said that this illness Lazarus had contracted was not to the death but would be used to manifest the glory of God.

Once again we see that even though we know these things, Jesus' reaction was quite unusual.

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The Lord Knows Everything

(John 11:1-4)

Does any person seriously believe that they can hide anything from God? I know many think they can but who are they really fooling? Only themselves.

The Lord is all seeing!

Our God has been described as omniscient and omnipotent, that is, all seeing, all knowing and all powerful. Anybody who thinks they can hide from such a God is a fool. Everything you do and all that you will do in the future is known to him for our lives are in His hands.

Any evidence we need of this can be seen in this scripture where Jesus is advised that Lazarus is ill.

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