Hypocrisy Condemned

(Romans 2:17-24)

What is the worst thing that people hate in other people? Hypocrisy! And it is alo one of the things that God despises too, as Jesus showed again and again especially when He spoke to the Pharisees.

Two faced hypocrisy will be condemned
Two faced hypocrisy will be condemned

Nobody likes a person who says one thing but does the opposite. The hypocrite is a person who cannot be trusted, cannot be depended upon and is a two faced liar.

Furthermore a hypocrite is someone who is proud and arrogant. They preach a high moral standard and the nee do be seen to be good, right and true, but then they go out and do the very things they condemn in their words. And that is arrogance and pride. That is why hypocrisy is condemned both by God and men.

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(Romans 2:1-5)

Judgement is such an important issue in the church and for every person in the world, not just the Christians.


Paul writes about judgement and hypocrisy in this section of scripture for they are connected in some ways and some cases. If I were to summarise this section using a modern saying it would be,

“It takes one to know one.”

Often it is those who are judging others that are the worst offenders for doing the very same things. This was Paul's primary complaint in this section of scripture. But there is even more to the matter of judgement that makes it worse then even the issue being judged.

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The Cover Up

(John 12:9-11)

cover up hide
Cover up and hide the wrongdoing!
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When Jesus was discovered by the crowds at Bethany after he had raised Lazarus from the dead, the crowds flocked to see him. They also flocked to see Lazarus and this angered and outraged the Jewish leaders to the point they planned a great cover up.

They planned this cover up by destroying the evidence of Jesus’ power. In this case that meant they plotted to kill not only Jesus, but Lazarus also. Why? Because on account of Lazarus many of the people were going away and believing in Jesus. The Jewish leaders were losing their grip on the people, and they were not going to give it up without a fight. Thus they planned the big cover up.

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Do What You Say

(John 10:40-42)

Hypocrites live their lives with their fingers crossed. They live in a false hope that people will not find them out. They say one thing but do another and it was because of their falseness that Jesus despised hypocrisy.

Definition of a hypocrite… Fingers crossed they won’t be found out!

One of the great lesson we learn from the example Jesus gave us when he lived on the earth was to do what we say we will do with no deviation. Our words and deeds should match and so we prove ourselves to truly be disciples of The Lord.

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It’s Always Right to Do the Right Thing

(Luke 13:10-17)

How many times have you seen or heard of people who overlook and pass by someone who is suffering? Think about the Good Samaritan and the first two, who were religious people, and passed the injured man on the other side of the road. Then there are times when people are hurt, injured, robbed or whatever and people just turn a blind eye. Sure there is a need for wisdom so you are not caught up in things or hurt yourself, but you could call the cops! Here is an example of religious leaders using the opportunity to helplaw to back up their decision to do nothing.

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Three Things to Learn About Leavin’ Leaven Alone

(Luke 12:1-3)

Jesus said, “Beware of the leaven of the Pharisees, which is hypocrisy.” (verse 1) Now I would suggest that when Jesus gives us a warning it is worth our while listening to what he had to say. When we break down this particular warning there are three (maybe more) lessons we can learn about livin’ by leavin’ leaven alone. Continue reading “Three Things to Learn About Leavin’ Leaven Alone”

Five Reasons Why Jesus Didn’t Like Lawyers

(Luke 11:45-54)

Before I get into Jesus comments and concerns, let me state up front, it wasn’t personal. It wasn’t that Jesus didn’t like the people who were lawyers, he just didn’t like what they did and the problems they were causing. OK? Jesus didn’t dislike anybody, but he did frequently get quite stirred up over what some people were doing. He could love the person but hate the behaviour, and that’s a lesson we all need to learn.

So what was his beef with lawyers? Here are five things, most of which come from this section of scripture.

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Three Ways How to be a Hypocrite (and Then To Avoid It)

(Luke 11:42-44)

Jesus hated hypocrisy. Most people do. But there are some valuable lessons we can learn by looking at hypocrisy, and then do the opposite. There is a technique used in creative thinking workshops called “Anti-Solution” to help overcome mental blocks. It looks at all the ways you can make something fail and then do the opposite.

Jesus gives us lots of opportunity to use a technique like this when he describes hypocrisy and if we are smart, we can learn from this and then do the opposite. Let’s look at three examples and then you can add more in the comments.

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Four Reasons Why Cleaning Up Your Act is Not About Looking Good

(Luke 11:37-41)

Do clothes really make the man? Is cleanliness next to godliness? There are some people, even industries today that would have us believe so. But is there any truth in such thinking? Jesus certainly didn’t think so as seen in this scripture and here are four reasons why such thinking is wrong.

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Marriage in Heaven

(Mark 12:18-27)

After the Pharisees and Herodians tried to entangle Jesus and failed, the Sadducees came to try and confuse him. The only trouble with their line of argument was that first they did not even believe in what they were questioning Jesus about, and second they didn’t know what they were talking about as Jesus quickly showed.

marriage-vowThe Sadducees came to Jesus to test him over marriage and resurrection. They said there was a woman who had had seven brothers as husband. As each of them died she became the wife of the next in line until they had all passed away and the the woman too finally died. Their question to Jesus was, to which of the brothers would she be wife in the resurrection, as they had all had her as wife.

Jesus very quickly shut down their argument. First he pointed out that they were wrong because they knew neither the scriptures nor the power of God.

Marriage is a bond that exists in the flesh, not in the spirit. The law of marriage ends at the death of either party to the marriage. Paul clearly showed this in Romans 7:1-3 saying, “Do you not know, brethren–for I am speaking to those who know the law–that the law is binding on a person only during his life? Thus a married woman is bound by law to her husband as long as he lives; but if her husband dies she is discharged from the law concerning the husband. Accordingly, she will be called an adulteress if she lives with another man while her husband is alive. But if her husband dies she is free from that law, and if she marries another man she is not an adulteress.”

So in the resurrection, after a person has died the law is no longer in force concerning marriage. That law ceased to have effect when the person died. So in answer to the first part of the Sadducees question, and showing their lack of knowledge of scripture for this was contained in the law, Jesus showed they did not know what they were talking about. The woman in their example would not belong to any of the brothers for she was freed from the laws of marriage at the death of each of the brothers, and finally when she herself died.

As to the resurrection, the Sadducees did not believe there was a resurrection. Thus their question regarding resurrection was hypocritical to begin with. However Jesus showed too that there indeed is a resurrection for the death of the flesh is not the final death. He spoke of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob as living and not dead. Their bodies had separated from the spirit but they were still alive in the spiritual realm, as too are all those who have died in this world. Jesus always spoke of the death of the flesh as being a “sleep.” However the final death that will occur at the final judgement is the destruction of the spirit of a man, not just the flesh.

In addition Jesus quoted saying, “I am the God of Abraham…” He was speaking in the present tense for these three patriarchs of Israel were alive then and are still alive today. The resurrection is still to come and all the dead will be raised to a final judgement. At that time the decisions will be made concerning eternal life or eternal damnation based upon how each person has lived their life. Now is the time to make the decision as to how we should live our lives for at the end it will be too late.

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