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On the positive side though, any money received from the sale of these eBooks is used to defray the costs of running this site and as such your purchases are greatly appreciated.

What are the foundational teachings of Christianity? They may not be what you think they are.

The Bible tells us there are six critical foundations that form the basis of Christianity. These should be understood by every Christian, but many do not. They may know the words and what the foundations are, but are lacking a deep understanding of these things.

This book is aimed at overcoming that lack. It is meant to provide an insight into the foundations that underpin Christianity so that every Christian has a solid grounding and are deeply rooted in the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. These are the first principles of God’s word and every Christian needs to understand and take hold of them to stand firm in these evil times.

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God has a plan! I am sure as a Christian you have heard that many times. In fact God has many plans. But what is His plan for man?

The fascinating thing is that God WANTS you to now His plans for this whole Creation. He has detailed it in the Bible for any to find if they will seek it out.

What is fascinating about His plan is that some parts of it fly in the face of conventional wisdom.

This eBook is intended to open up some of the details of God’s plan for this creation, and more importantly what God is doing with mankind. It may surprise you what the Bible says!

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Do you want to change your life in powerful ways? Do you want to be successful at living a good life, and I am not talking about making big bucks to do it? Then the insights in this book will guide you to that success because they are all about “Changing You.”

Change begins within each person as an individual. And when you change within, it promotes change around you. Your world will change because YOU have changed.

It’s not magic and you don’t need a degree in psychology to make changes that will affect your world. But the impact of changing yourself and building a foundation for a better life through simple changes will be profound.

This book looks at a balanced approach to “changing you” across five critical dimensions: personal, relationships, business, financial and spiritual balance. Excessive focus in any one of these key life areas to the exclusion of the others will not achieve balance.

“Changing You” offers simple life strategies to finding a work-life balance to aid you in how to live a good life.

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