The Burial of Jesus

(Luke 23:50-56)

When they took Jesus down after he had died, he had to be buried. And in his burial we see two lessons or two things that we can learn from. One of these was to do with the burial itself, and the other to do with who was involved in the burial. In both instances we see that even though Jesus had died he was still teaching us things. So let us have a look at these two points that we see from his burial.

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Jesus Dies: Earth’s Darkest Hour

(Luke 23:44-49)

The hour had come for the Lord to depart from this earth. All had been accomplished that he needed to do while he was here and it was now time for the next stage of the work to be done. He had trained his disciples to the point that they needed to be taken and now Jesus had to leave the earth for the next stage to commence. He had fulfilled all of the prophecies that spoke of his time on earth and it was time to return to the Father so that the disciples could begin their work.

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Jesus Led Away to Die

(Luke 23:26-31)

As I was studying this section of scripture, I became fascinated by one verse, which I had never taken much notice of before. This section talks about Jesus being led away to die and provides the detail of how Simon of Cyrene is compelled to assist carry the beam for Jesus and Jesus discussions with others. I have written about those points previously and the links are at the foot of this post.dry wood

However the scripture that struck me here was verse 31, which says, “For if they do this when the wood is green, what will happen when it is dry?” It is this that we will look at today.

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Jesus, Barabbas and the Rule of the Mob

(Luke 23:13-25)

In one of the worst travesties of so-called justice in history we see here the exchange of the life of the Lord and Saviour of the world for a sinner accused of insurrection, murder and mayhem. And the decision was not based upon truth or justice, but jealousy, envy and the sway of public opinion causing the governor to make this worst of all decisions.mob rule

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Jesus is Brought Before Pilate

(Luke 23:1-5)

The trial of Jesus before Pilate was a farce. It shows how badly an event can go when the rulers give sway to the desires of liars rather than listening to the truth of a matter. And there is no doubt that Pilate saw the truth of this matter as it is clear from his response. But as Jesus said when He was arrested in the garden at Gethsemane, “This is your hour, and the power of darkness.” (Luke 22:53)jesus before pilate2

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