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The Bible

(Romans 15:4) What is the Bible? What is it about this book that has made it the number one best selling book of all time? In my opinion, the bible is not just another book full of interesting stories and … Continue reading

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Not All Will Believe

(Acts 14:1-7) Sometimes when we speak the word of The Lord to people there are those that just don’t “get it.” No matter what you do or say they just seem to miss the point. Too often I have seen … Continue reading

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Stand Up and Listen to Wisdom

(John 7:45-52) My last few posts have been looking at testing what you hear and ensuring that you check the source of what you accept to ensure that you are following truth and not cleverly disguised lies. In this section … Continue reading

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Jesus is Delivered into the Hands of Men

(Luke 9:43-45) Jesus had just cleansed a boy of a demon that the disciples could not remove. The people around were marvelling at the majesty of God and all the mighty works Jesus did. Yet at the height of their … Continue reading

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