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What Is Holding You Back

(2 Corinthians 6:11-13) What is holding you back? Are you seeking to be a “better Christian” but can’t seem to achieve what you are looking for? And do you really know what it is you are actually looking for as … Continue reading

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They Did Not See

(Romans 11:7-10) Israel failed to obtain the full grace of God which led to the opportunity for the rest of mankind to find it. Most of the religious leadership of the Jews at the time of Christ did not recognize … Continue reading

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Darkness To Light

(Acts 26:9-23) Have you ever been in a place that was totally dark? I'm not talking about a moonless night but somewhere that was so pitch dark that you could not tell any difference whether your eyes were open or … Continue reading

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Help Me Father God

(John 12:44-46) How many times have you heard these words uttered, “Help me Father God?” Perhaps you have uttered them yourself in a time of darkness or despair when everything seemed hopeless. Seeking the help of the Father in such … Continue reading

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Jesus Is The Light

(John 12:33-36) Light and darkness. Day and night. The two cannot exist together for they are incompatible. What is more interesting though is that whenever these two come together, it is the light that dominates and dissipates the darkness. The … Continue reading

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There Are None So Blind

(John 9:35-41) Who is really blind? Is it those who have a problem preventing them from using their eyes or is it those who have perfect vision but choose not to see? Is it not the second group? As the … Continue reading

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Walk in the Light

(John 8:12) Light! The concept of light is used in many places throughout the Bible. Its application is used in several different ways to explain different teachings. When you think about the properties of light it gives you an insight … Continue reading

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Seeking the Lost Coin

(Luke 15:8-10) In the first few paragraphs of Luke 15 we see three very similar teachings. They cover different aspects of the same thing: seeking the lost. The Lord uses three different parable teachings to get the message across. In … Continue reading

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Walking in the Light

(Luke 11:33-36) Many times Jesus taught the people that they should be walking in the light. Here he teaches us an important lesson about how to walk in the light. What is the light? The light that Jesus speaks of … Continue reading

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Seeing Jesus

(Luke 9:7-9) Herod the Tetrarch was the ruler at the time Jesus walked the earth. He heard of the many signs and wonders that Jesus had performed and desired to see Jesus. In due course this happened but when it … Continue reading

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