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Live Peaceably With All

(Romans 12:18) One of the primary and fundamental tenets of the Christian life is to live in peace. We have the promise of peace being left with us through Jesus Christ and we seek peace as we walk with Him. … Continue reading

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No Shortcuts

(Acts 19:13-17) There are no shortcuts to enter the kingdom of God and there are no shortcuts to receiving His power and using it in ministry. The only way to come to God is thru Jesus Christ and the only … Continue reading

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Help Me Father God

(John 12:44-46) How many times have you heard these words uttered, “Help me Father God?” Perhaps you have uttered them yourself in a time of darkness or despair when everything seemed hopeless. Seeking the help of the Father in such … Continue reading

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I Am The Door

(John 10:7-9) If you are going anywhere you have to enter by the door. Jesus tells us it’s the same if we want to enter the kingdom of God. To enter His kingdom we must also enter by the door. … Continue reading

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There Are None So Blind

(John 9:35-41) Who is really blind? Is it those who have a problem preventing them from using their eyes or is it those who have perfect vision but choose not to see? Is it not the second group? As the … Continue reading

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(John 8:21-22) What is one of the most frustrating and annoying things that can happen to you? When you lose something and cannot find it. Even though you hunt high and low, the darn thing just cannot be found anywhere. … Continue reading

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Knowing God’s Will – A Good Rule of Thumb

(Luke 16:14-15) It is useful to have rules of thumb for many things. They help us to make decisions about matters when there is no other guidance. A rule of thumb according to Wikipedia can be described as, “An easily … Continue reading

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The Prodigal Son

(Luke 15:11-24) Almost everyone knows the story of the prodigal son, including non-Christians. The message has been widely and much used as a teaching of redemption and return. It is a wonderful parable and has a number of good messages … Continue reading

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Jesus Chooses the Twelve

(Luke 6:12-16) Have you ever had to make a really important decision? Have you ever had a choice to make and needed some guidance on which direction to take? If so, then this section of the scripture is worth noting. … Continue reading

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