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Suffering for the Lord’s Sake

(Acts 16:19-24) When you come to The Lord and especially if you do a work in his name, it is never a bed of roses. The one thing you can be sure of is that if you work for The … Continue reading

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Judas Betrays Jesus

(John 18:1-9) There are many names given to children born each day. Some are the common names that are evergreens and are popular from year to year. Others are fashionable that come and go based on popularity. And the range … Continue reading

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The Ruler of This World

(John 14:28-31) Time for a quick quiz. Who is the ruler of this world that Jesus was referring to in this section of scripture? A king or a queen? Perhaps Herod or the Caesar of Rome? If you answered any … Continue reading

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(John 13:21-30) Judas! The very name causes an emotional response in many people. It is sometimes used to curse those who have done wrong and especially those who betray a friend or associate. Judas! The word is used in derision … Continue reading

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Contract of Betrayal

(Luke 22:1-6) The scribes and Pharisees were seeking an opportunity to condemn Jesus and put him to death, but they found none. They wanted to arrest him but were unable as they could not lay hands on him for fear … Continue reading

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Jesus Speaks of His Betrayal

(Mark 14:12-21) In this section we see Jesus eating his final Passover with the disciples. The disciples ask where they should prepare the Passover for him and we see him operate the word of knowledge advising them where to go. … Continue reading

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Get Behind Me Satan

(Mark 8:31-33) Satan is the great deceiver of mankind. He is subtle and cunning like a fox. His desire is to destroy mankind and especially those who seek the Lord. Here we see the battle lines drawn up. Christians on … Continue reading

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The Last Supper

(Matthew 26:17-25) The last supper when Jesus took the final Passover feast was an important point for Christians. It was here that he taught us a valuable lesson to remember t during the last supper we also see that he … Continue reading

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