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It Is Not the Hearers of The Law Who Are Righteous

(Romans 2:12-16) If there is one thing that defines what civilisation is, it is the rule and structure of law. The establishment of a society based upon a set of agreed and accepted laws is what enabled societies to build, … Continue reading

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You’re Not Listening…

(John 5:1-9) Do you ever get told off by someone else for not listening? I know I do! So often we do not hear what is being said because we are not listening. Well it just doesn't happen with our … Continue reading

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Jesus on the Road to Emmaus

(Luke 24:13-35) After his resurrection Jesus began to appear to his followers. It was necessary for I’m to do this to prove to them all the things he had told them. He spoke to them many times of the resurrection, … Continue reading

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Blessed Are Those Who Hear the Word of God and Keep It

(Luke 11:27-28) A woman in the crowd called out to Jesus saying, “Blessed is the womb that bore you, and the breasts that you sucked!” (Verse 27) She was building up and saying that Jesus mother was blessed. There is … Continue reading

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Martha and Mary

(Luke 10:38-42) Many times when people come to the Lord they want to get out and spread the word. They have found something fantastic and want the world to know about it. They want to get involved in the ministry … Continue reading

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Jesus is Delivered into the Hands of Men

(Luke 9:43-45) Jesus had just cleansed a boy of a demon that the disciples could not remove. The people around were marvelling at the majesty of God and all the mighty works Jesus did. Yet at the height of their … Continue reading

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Build Your House Upon The Rock

(Matthew 7:24-29) In this final section of the sermon on the mount Jesus gives the last warning to the people and to us today. When he speaks of building your house upon the rock he is talking about your life. … Continue reading

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