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Jesus, Barabbas and the Rule of the Mob

(Luke 23:13-25) In one of the worst travesties of so-called justice in history we see here the exchange of the life of the Lord and Saviour of the world for a sinner accused of insurrection, murder and mayhem. And the … Continue reading

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Jesus Sent to Pilate

(Mark 15:1-15) After Jesus was put on trial before the chief priests and elders, they held a meeting and decided to bind him and deliver him to Pilate. Pilate asked Jesus whether he was King of the Jews and Jesus … Continue reading

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Jesus and Barabbas

(Matthew 27:15-26) Jesus stood before the governor Pilate for judgement. Pilate could find nothing wrong by which to judge him in spite of the fierce accusations made by the chief priests. So Pilate wishing to release Jesus offered to set … Continue reading

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