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My name is John Lemmon and I am the author of this site. In these pages I provide insight into the Gospel of Jesus Christ through a teachings, articles, e-courses and e-books. It is my hope you will subscribe to receive regular updates via newsletter or the blog RSS feed so you can learn, and through your feedback I too can learn.

There is no charge for anything on this site, except for a few eBooks I have that are linked to my Amazon account. You can download everything else though without cost. All I would ask is that if you use any of this material you respect the copyright and quote the source as being this website.

What this site is about

In a nutshell

FreeGiftFromGod.com speaks to God’s people throughout their walk with Christ, giving Bible based teachings without the filters of tradition to provide a pathway to maturity in Christ.

I believe Jesus Christ is the Son of God and it is through the power of his resurrection by the grace of God that man is set free from sin to live a life in accordance with his will.


To build a resource for Christians and those seeking Christ at whatever stage they are at so they can start or continue their walk with Jesus Christ.


To speak to God’s people


  • To show the pathway to righteousness through the teachings of the New Testament.
  • To teach the word of the Gospel free from the bias of any denomination, sect or church grouping
  • To feed God’s people the spiritual food that will help them grow.
  • To remove error from what is commonly called Christianity so people are freed to accept the truth of the Gospel.
  • To give glory to God and Jesus Christ, recognising it is their work, not mine.
  • Toi learn myself as the Lord leads me and others who may comment on this work

About Me

I am a husband, father, grandfather, accountant (retired), 4WD enthusiast, camper/caravanner, musician, singer, blogger and a bunch of other stuff as well. I enjoy life and love learning and seeing new things.

I have been studying, learning and teaching the truth of the Gospel as I understand it for around forty five years. Having learned this truth of the Gospel I bear testimony to the fact that Jesus can and does change lives. I have seen this change in myself and others and it is my work and hearts desire to do the work of God by speaking to God’s people as he has instructed me to do.

Over a period of many years I have been praying to the Lord asking his guidance in my life. He has been telling me to, “Speak to my people.” This website is one of the means towards that end.

Why listen to what I have to say?

There are countless Christian websites that exist in cyberspace with all manner of different aims. Many seek to glorify God but many also are not being true to the word by seeking financial advantage, personal gain or to market certain products.

I have nothing to market here as everything is free nor do I desire to build a following or seek anyone’s money. If the time comes when I can no longer support this site from my own pocket, then I may seek voluntary donations for additional support and will let all readers and subscribers know. My true purpose is not about gain but to serve the Lord and his people and to speak to His people as he has told me to do.

Don’t get me wrong though. It is scriptural that a person be able to earn a living from preaching the word of God. I have chosen to offer everything here for free since I also received it without charge. I have no desire to be a pedlar of God’s word, as the Apostle Paul described some people, so I offer everything here without cost.

Please feel free to contact me

I hope you find something useful and valuable in these pages that will help in your own study, praise, worship or inspiration. If you do, then tell someone else and spread the word so they too can benefit from these and your new insights. If you would like to comment on anything you find in these pages, or if you have any questions then please feel free to contact me.

Thanks for taking the time to check out my site and I hope you too will partake of the Free Gift from God in Christ Jesus.

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