Nothing Impossible

(Acts 9:36-43)

What is it that man seeks more than anything else? And what is it that in spite of all the advances in medicine and science he simply cannot achieve?

In a word…LIFE!

Nothing is impossible to God. Even eternal life.
Nothing is impossible to God. Even eternal life.

Man has learned how to prolong life and repair many sicknesses, illnesses and physical conditions, but once a person is dead, they’re dead and nothing man can do will bring them back to life. Oh sure they are doing remarkable things now to preserve human bodies by cryogenics in the hope that at some future time science will be able to restore life…but it won’t ever happen.

Why? Because life is a spiritual thing, not a physical thing. The life force of every person is a matter of spirit, not electricity or radiation or chemical reactions or whatever else man has attempted. The creation and maintenance of life is about keeping the spirit of a person in their body so that they live, and man does not have the power or authority to do that. Only God can do it.

But sometimes God allows the spirit of a person to re-enter the person so they live again. This is what happened in this section of scripture and from it we learn that with God there is nothing impossible.


I have mentioned in other posts here that the primary purpose of miracles was and is to bear testimony to the truth of the word of God. If someone is preaching the truth and The Lord wants it to be established that this is so then there is every chance he will back up the preaching with miraculous acts.

Jesus said as much when He commissioned the disciples to go out and preach. They were told to go out and make disciples in all the world, baptising them in the name of The Lord and teaching them all that Jesus had shown the disciples and He would confirm the message with sign and wonders. So it is evident that this was one of the primary purposes for all of the miraculous acts and healings that took place.

But the real power of the whole process was in the teachings. The miracles bore witness but the teachings were the message of life. It is in the teachings that the people received the knowledge of the gospel of Jesus Christ and how to then follow Him in faith and live their lives so that they would enter the kingdom of God. And we learn in the teachings of the new covenant that in Christ Jesus, there is nothing impossible.


The truth of the new covenant is in freedom from sin and freedom from bondage. Jesus Christ came to set us free and in particular to set us free from sin for it is because of sin that we die. Freedom from sin allows us to be set free from the bondage to death that all mankind suffers from. It is in Jesus Christ that we are able to achieve freedom from death, specifically the death of the spirit that will befall all men at the final judgement when God comes and reigns on this earth.

So with god there is nothing impossible. And here in this miracle performed on Dorcas or Tabitha (same person, it’s just that one was her name in Greek and the other in Hebrew or Aramaic) we see the power of God and Jesus Christ who have the power over death.

Dorcas/Tabitha had died and as far as man is concerned, that was the end. But in Jesus name she rose again and was released and set free from the bonds of death. Death could not hold her when The Lord put her spirit back into her body and so she lived.

This is the ultimate freedom. Freedom from death. In this miracle we see a precursor of what is to come for all who follow The Lord. We all wil be set free from bondage to death when He returns and sets His kingdom in place. And as we see here, there is nothing impossible to God and we have no reason to doubt His word or His power.


The teachings of the new covenant are teachings of life. They tell us how to live a better, happier, more fulfilled, peaceful and joyous life now, and in the future to receive eternal life.

But the power is in the teachings not the miracle itself. The teachings and following the teachings of Jesus Christ are what will lead a person to find life. We live in Christ because He lives in us. We live because He first died to sacrifice himself for our sins, and then He arose a new creation, free from law, free from sin and alive to God the Father.

We enter life through Jesus Christ. He has said, “I am the way.” He said also that he was the gate through which we come to the Father and enter the kingdom of God. The point of entry is when we take on His death as our own so that as He died to sin and the law, we too take on His death to die to sin and the law. And we take on His death as our own by faith when we are baptised.

Baptism is the entry point into the kingdom of God, for in it we die with Christ to this world and we are resurrected with Him into the new life as new creations in the kingdom of God. Then we receive life in Jesus Christ to grow and mature as we continue to learn His teachings and walk with Him.

This is the promised life that was spoken of…to become new creations prepared and fit to live with God in His kingdom. There is nothing impossible to God for us in Jesus Christ, even the resurrection of the dead for it is God who has the power over life and death and He gives it or takes it away according to His will.

Thus we have no need to fear death as the rest of the world does for we know that this life in the world is not the real life that has been promised. This life is a testing time to see if we will choose to walk with Christ or not. Everyone gets the opportunity to come to Him and find life and the promise of the real life into eternity that awaits those who follow God.

But those who do not follow him will suffer the fear of death in this life and in the end will suffer the second death which is the destruction of the spirit. The choice is simple. Choose Christ Jesus and find your life. Reject the temptations of this world and this life for they do not lead to the real life that was promised so many years ago. And the time to choose is now in the knowledge that in Jesus Christ nothing is impossible.

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