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G’day, it’s John here!

There’s lots of people reading my blog, but not many commenters and I reckon it’s because Re-Captcha is such a pain-in-the-you-know-what that no one will comment. Crikey! I know I don’t…and yet here I am giving you people grief by using it on my site! How dumb can I get!

Soooo…I’ve got rid of it! Yep…no more Re-Captcha on this site! But wait there’s more…(no not steak knives…I will not stoop to bribery for comments…well not yet anyway…LOL).

For those of you that are bloggers I have added “CommentLuv” which will give you the opportunity to get more backlinks to your site…and we bloggers love our back links, don’t we?

So if you are thinking of commenting, now you’ll find it a heck of a lot easier plus you get a free backlink if you have a website!

All the best and hopefully you will join me and we can start discussing this stuff. God bless…John

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2 Replies to “Comments & CommentLuv”

    1. Hmmm. I’ve only just added it & still need to understand how it works. It seemed to work OK when I set it up, but if there is an issue I’ll sort it out & let you know. Thanks for the heads up.

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