The Time of the Gentiles

(Luke 21:20-24)

There is a small piece of prophecy in this section of Luke that speaks of the time of the Gentiles. Basically it talks about the over-running of the temple in Jerusalem and the period of time it takes to restore them to their rightful owners.Allenby

There is much that could be said and has been said about this event, and others can speak to it better than I. Perhaps the best explanation of the completion of the times of the Gentiles relates to the event that took place on the 9 December 1917 when the British, Australian and New Zealand troops drove the Turks from Jerusalem and the city came under British rule.

What is absolutely amazing about this event is the remarkable linkage to different prophecies by Isaiah, Haggai, Daniel as well as this one given by the Lord himself.

The prophecies spoke of the exact day, month and year that Jerusalem would be freed as well as how it would occur. And the details are utterly astounding.

Not a shot was fired in Jerusalem and the city was won by defending it from war rather than besieging it. Furthermore, even the name of the General who freed the city was discussed as part of a Turkish saying for hundreds of years before he appeared in the city.

The Turks spoke about how impossible it was that the sword of Islam should leave the land saying “When the waters of the Nile flow into Palestine, then will a prophet of the Lord come and drive the Turks out of this land.” They believed it was so impossible for the waters of the Nile to flow to Palestine that they would never be driven out.

However during the first world war British engineers did divert the waters of the Nile to provide water for the troops. Then we see the British General was a man named Allenby. However in that region his name was transposed in Arabic and pronounced as Allah-en-nebi. Nebi is the Arabic word meaning prophet and of course Allah is God. So from his name the General became known in the regions as the prophet of God, and indeed he was a God fearing man frequently seeking the Lord for advice and help in waging the war.

Thus the saying of the Turks was fulfilled literally for the waters of the Nile ran in Palestine and then a prophet of the Lord came and drove the Turks out of Jerusalem without firing a single shot in the city or its nearby suburbs.

This is such a fascinating fulfilment of this prophecy that I encourage everyone to read it. There have been several books on this matter, one of which is reprinted at Do yourself a favour and have a read of it and know that God is in complete power and control of what is happening in this world. May his name be blessed and glorified forever! Amen.

(My thanks to the for reprinting the book by J.M. Stears on this fascinating fulfilment of prophecy)

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