No one Hides a Light under a Bushel

(Luke 8:16-18)

What is it that everybody on this earth thinks they have? This is not about possessions or any of the material things of this life. There is a deep meaning in the few words of the above section of scripture.

Take heed how you hear

This is a warning from the Lord. Be careful what you listen to and take in. Be wary of what you hear, for not all things are for the good.

There are many strange and diverse teachings on this plant that people follow. There are many religions, cults, teachings and philosophies that people will follow in the belief that they will be better off than they are. But not all of these teachings do lead to a better life.

They have “Itching Ears”

The Bible tells us that people will wander off into all kinds of false teachings because they have “itching ears.” (2 Timothy 4:3) Not in a physical sense but in a spiritual sense. People want to hear something new all of the time. They seek out the latest news and gossip, and there are whole industries built around the need to feed people their daily fix of the latest information. Their ears “itch” and they “scratch” them by listening to the latest information, news or whatever.

This happens in religions too. Many people move from one church to another seeking the latest ministry as if there is something new in Christianity. And there are ministers who take advantage of this, who by promoting some new approach will draw the people in.

What is the truth?

The truth of Christianity has not changed for two thousand years since Jesus first proclaimed it. The Bible says that, “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and for ever.” (Hebrew 13:8)

So if Jesus is the same “yesterday, today and forever” do you think the ministry of the truth has changed? Is there a newer version of the New Covenant that has only appeared recently? Are there new books to be written and included into the Bible?

Of course not! But when people wander off into the pursuit of something supposedly new, they may be following after something that is not of the Lord, which brings us back to being careful what you hear. If you wander away from the truth, then what ARE you listening to? And what is the impact of not listening to the truth?

What do people think they have?

Every person on this earth thinks that they have…life! But if they follow myths, cults, philosophies and false religions they do not even have life. They may have a few years of life on this planet, but they will not have eternal life free from worry, trouble, sickness and death. They will not have the life that is on offer to those who choose to follow Jesus.

The life we have in this world now is but a fading moment of time compared to eternity with God. The life we have today is beset with all manner of problems, struggles and misfortune. Their is evil, injustice and sin to contend with now and we are limited by death. But when the Lord comes to take his people there will be none of those things to affect us. We will live with him into eternity, free from all the chains that bind us in this time and age.

But those who do not follow the Lord; who choose not to listen carefully to what he says, have only this short, fading and problematic existence, without hope and with no future. Do not fall into the trap of seeking something new. Instead learn the things that are of God and seek his ways, for that leads to life.

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