Jesus Calmed the Storm

(Luke 8:22-25)

There is much that can be taken from this section of scripture where Jesus calmed the storm. This teaching gives us insight as well as encouragement and comfort for those times when we are surrounded by the storms of life. When we have faith in Jesus, we know that He has the power to conquer, as was shown when Jesus calmed the storm.

jesus calms the stormJesus Asleep in the Boat

Jesus and the disciples got in a boat to cross to the other side of the lake. Jesus was asleep in the boat when a great storm of wind arose. The boat was in danger and filling with water. But despite this situation Jesus just continued to sleep through it.

The disciples however were filled with terror. They fully expected to be capsized and perhaps drown and were in dread of the storm. But Jesus was clearly unconcerned and unaware of the situation as he dozed on the cushion of the boat.

The Great Awakening

The disciples could handle it no more and in their terror they awoke Jesus saying, “Master! Master! We are perishing!” (Verse 24) Their fear was obvious but in spite of their fear Jesus did not rebuke them, instead he took charge of the situation.

Instead Jesus rebuked the wind and the storm and all became still. There was a great calm.

What we can Learn from This

When we are going through the storms and troubles of our life, we need to call out to the Master as the disciples did. We need to bring our problems to him and he can and will rebuke the problems so that we will see the great calm.

What problems are too great for the Lord to deal with? None! If he could deal with the elements and stop the storms and the wind, what can he not stop? Our problems and the storms that rage in our life are not insurmountable to the Lord. He can and will step in to aid us when we call to him.

But we also need to learn the lesson of the disciples. Consider their position for a moment. They were in a boat with the Saviour of the world, the Son of God, the Messiah and the Christ. Were they really going to drown? Was it ever even remotely likely that such a thing would happen? And besides, even if the boat did capsize, would it have been too hard for the Lord to upright it, empty it and get back in, or just walk on water to the other side? No.

Stand in Faith

What the disciples forgot, and what we must remember from their lesson, is to stand in faith. Did Jesus upbraid them or rebuke them after they woke him up? No, he simply said, “Where is you faith?” (Verse 25) A very good question considering their situation and who they were with.

Many times the Lord could say the same thing to us. When we fear or doubt or are going through tough times (especially when we don’t turn to him) he could ask us, “Where is your faith?”

It is through faith that we stand before God. It is through the shield of faith that we can, “…quench all the flaming darts of the evil one” (Ephesians 6:16) And it is through faith that we have received the salvation and righteousness by which we stand before God.

When we stand in our faith nothing is impossible. For when we stand in faith the Lord stands with us, and through faith we receive the answers to our prayers and the resolution of all our problems. It is through faith that Jesus calms the storm in our lives and so we must remember always to hold fast our faith and stand firm knowing that he will provide us with all we need to overcome in this world.

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