Jesus Resurrection

(Mark 16:1-8)

This section of scripture contains the defining moment in Christianity. The one significant difference between Christianity and all other religions of the world lies in these few verses. The major difference between Christianity and all other religions is in the resurrection.

resurrection-of-jesusOnly Christianity preaches and teaches the resurrection of the dead. It is the hope of all Christians that they will attain to the resurrection of the dead and come into new life with Christ. Death is the end point of all other religions, but as Christians we believe that the death of the body is not the final death of the soul or spirit of a man. Christians believe and expect that when the Lord returns, we too will be resurrected and live into eternity with him.

This is the hope of Christianity…life! Eternal life, as well as a better life here and now. We believe that we will be resurrected for Jesus was resurrected as sin could not hold him.

Death is the outcome of sin. The bible says “For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.” (Romans 6:23) As men we earn death through sin, for death is the wages of sin, but in Christ our sins have been wiped away and we receive life as a free gift. Jesus could not be held by death for he never sinned and thus he did not “earn” the wages of sin even though he died. It was through his sacrifice though that he died for us so that we could take on his death as if it were our own and then not have to earn death too. This is the critical difference between Christians and other religions for we have a means of salvation from sin and death through Jesus Christ.

This is a very brief look at the ministry of the resurrection and what it means in Christianity, and I shall go into this in much greater detail in future posts.

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