Jesus Heals the Sick

(Luke 4:38-41)

In many places through the gospels, Jesus heals the sick and casts out demons. This was a significant part of the message of Jesus and also part of the work of the Apostles when they commenced their ministry. In fact when Jesus first sent them out in pairs it was to preach the good news of the Gospel and to have authority to cast out demons and to heal every disease and infirmity. (Matthew 10:1) So why was this such an important part of the ministry?

healing the sick and infirmWhen Jesus performed these miraculous works he could not be hidden. People came from all around to receive these gifts of healing and release from Jesus as gifts from God. And these miracles bore witness to the ministry he brought as well as to his authenticity as the Christ from God.

Then we see that Jesus told the disciples when they were to spread the word that these would be some of the signs to accompany the message. Healing of the sick and casting out demons would accompany those who believed and the Lord would confirm the truth of the message by giving these signs. He showed this at the end of Mark 16.

We also see that Jesus was preaching a message of freedom and release from bondage. Both demon possession and sickness are physical and spiritual forms of bondage from which men need release. The message of liberty provides release from all forms of bondage and slavery, including these afflictions.

But do we still have access to this healing power today? Absolutely! I can testify from personal experience the power of God to heal in my own life. I have personal testimonies of the power of God to heal me on my website at this link. The Lord has healed me of a number of serious and not so serious illnesses. And there were reasons for the healings and things learned both by myself and others.

But aside from my own experience, does the Lord still offer the gift of healing the sick to the church? Yes he does, and the process is described in the book of James in chapter 5 verses 13-15. It is quite a simple process which you or I can readily take advantage of when or if the need arises. If you are ill all you need to do is this. Approach the elders of the church and have them anoint you with oil and pray in faith for your healing, and believe that you will receive the healing from the Lord. That’s it!

The Lord does not want his people to suffer unnecessarily, which is why he has given this authority to the elders of the church. It is not his will that anyone suffer and why this healing power is still available to us today. It may not be a miraculous or instantaneous healing as happened in the Lord’s day, but sometimes it happens that way too. What is important for you when you are suffering is to be humble, come to the Lord in obedience to the word and seek the anointing with oil and prayer from the elders for your healing. The Lord has given them his authority for this purpose so that you don’t have to suffer needlessly. So do not be afraid to seek his gift in this way and like those in the bible receive the healing on offer.

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