The Trial of Jesus

(Mark 14:51-65)

Of all of the recorded trials in history none could possibly compare to the trial of Jesus for a complete lack of evidence and a judgement that was made before the trial began. To call this a “kangaroo court” is to muddy the name of kangaroo courts. It was such a farce that even in pretence it was pointless. The chief priests wanted rid of the Jesus who was undermining their position and they were prepared to go to any ends to see him killed.

trial of jesusThey conscripted base men to testify against him, and yet they could not even get their stories straight. They made up false evidence to accuse him with and it too failed for it’s falseness. They tried all manner of evil tricks and traps and yet they could find no fault in him. Even when they took him before Pontius Pilate as described in another version of these events, Pilate wanted to release Jesus for he found no fault in him.

But the chief priests would have their way regardless of truth. Indeed in this trial truth was the greatest casualty, which led to the ultimate death of Jesus. And Jesus remained silent throughout these proceedings for he knew what was coming and he knew that he must die for our sake. Without his death the New Covenant could not come into effect and we would still have to live in our sins. But through his death we who come to Christ and believe in the power of his death and resurrection have been freed from sin.

When asked by the chief priests if he was the Christ he replied, “I am; and you will see the Son of man seated at the right hand of Power, and coming with the clouds of heaven.” For this they accused him. For this statement they took the Lord of glory and nailed him to the stake. And yet he spoke the truth. His words bore witness and the deeds he performed all bore witness to the truth of who Jesus was, but the priests chose to ignore all of this evidence and had him killed.

They judged him without a cause and they condemned the Christ to death. Even though it was necessary on our account that this occurred, it is still the greatest travesty and miscarriage of justice to ever have occurred. To that end then we must give thanks that the Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ was willing and obedient to the Father to do this for us. It is a humbling thing that he was prepared to die on our behalf who were undeserving of the great sacrifice he made. Let us always remember this sacrifice and give Jesus all the thanks he deserves for he has given us the chance of life in this one action.

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