Jesus Resurrection Cover up by the Priests

(Matthew 28:11-15)

After Jesus had risen from the grave, the soldiers guarding him went back to the priests and reported all that had happened. It is unimaginable to think what went through the minds of the priests. They believed they had finally killed and gotten rid of Jesus just a few short days ago in shameful and humiliating circumstances, and yet now they were hearing reports that he had risen from the grave!

However rather than repent, accept and believe the truth about Jesus, they continued to follow their own evil path. They lied about it. They bribed the soldiers to spread a lie that the disciples of Jesus had come by night and carried off his dead body. Today this lie still exists and has been perpetuated over the many intervening years. One wonders how a small band of peace seeking men and women could overpower a trained company of soldiers who were armed to carry out such a deed. Such a lie cannot be remotely conceivable as truth and yet it persists even today.

Any person who has come to know the truth of the New Covenant and the power of the resurrection of Jesus Christ can refute this lie in an instant. When you have seen and felt the power of the Holy Spirit in your life and the miraculous change that comes with knowing Jesus as saviour and Lord, you will know that there is no lie in what Christians believe. In Jesus Christ we receive the power to become the children of God.

We can perceive the truth of the resurrection of Jesus in the events and changes taking place in the lives of Christians. The power of the blood of Christ to save us from sin, to set us free from law and to reconcile us to God is truly wondrous. And the resurrection through which we are raised as new creations gives us the ability to stand perfect before God through Jesus Christ and the grace of God.

The New Covenant is simplicity itself, but he power of the New Covenant is beyond human wisdom or comprehension. For that we give thanks to God for his mercy, grace and love that have given us this opportunity to know him and to be known by him.

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