Jesus Healing People

(Matthew 15:29-31)

Jesus healing people was a large part of why people followed him around. It would be no different today. When you consider the amount of sickness in the world today, and back in Jesus’ day, Jesus healing people was almost a full time job.

But the message he had to give was not just healing of the body. He also taught the people the good news of the New Covenant. There was a spiritual healing for the people too if they would listen and accept his word. That same offer of Jesus healing people spiritually is still available today. And the healing ministry along with all of the other miracles performed was done for the specific purpose of confirming the truth of the message. We see at the end of Mark that when the disciples were sent out to preach, there were miraculous signs performed to back up the message. The scripture says, “And they went forth and preached everywhere, while the Lord worked with them and confirmed the message by the signs that attended it.” (Mark 16:20)

Many people who first come to Christ do so when they have reached rock bottom. When they are completely down and out spiritually they begin to wonder if there is anything more to life, and start to seek in the spiritual dimension. Some go completely in the wrong direction and become spiritually ill, but those who seek the Lord find him or are found by him. When they come to the feet of Jesus in the spirit through prayer and repentance, they are healed as the people brought the sick and laid them at his feet for physical healing in this section of scripture. It says they brought the lame, the maimed, the blind, the dumb and many others and Jesus healed them all. None were missed. No sickness, deformity or issue was too hard or too great for him to overcome.

We see the people on seeing Jesus healing people were amazed and they were in wonder at the mighty power of God they were seeing in front of their eyes. They knew the source of this power for they glorified the God of Israel on seeing these miracles performed. And all the while Jesus continued to teach them the truth of the Kingdom of God.

Unfortunately many would reject his teachings at the time. The multitudes turned against him when he was brought before Pilate and put to death. But thereafter they recognised their error when Peter stood and preached to them on Pentecost day and they repented and turned once again to the Lord, this time for spiritual healing. Today this opportunity still exists to turn to Jesus for healing of the spirit. When we learn about the truth of the gospel, it is freedom and release that heals us in the spirit. In Jesus Christ we can find and receive his peace into our hearts and live in harmony with the Lord and one another.

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